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Full Time Professional Movers

Full-Time Professional Movers in Vancouver Island

The Parker Relocation Group consists of three Vancouver Island van line moving companies. By consolidating our operations and marketing into one moving group, we are able to provide our experienced moving crews with steady employment within our group of companies. This avoids the need to use casual labor, which unfortunately, most moving companies are forced to use due to the very seasonal nature of the industry. This also means we can do background checks on our full-time crews in order to provide bonding and comprehensive insurance coverage, including WorkSafeBC, so there are no liability issues for our clients. The result of the consolidation has been a more efficient moving service for our clients with faster local moving times and greatly reduced damage to homes and household goods.

Our insurance coverage includes any accidental damage to your home while moving, which provides you greater peace of mind. If you have a move to, from or around Vancouver Island, please contact us today for a no-charge in-home estimate.

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